So the Exams are Here…

Eh exams started already… start posting!

 Yup, that’s the general statement I get from most of my friends. Gosh it’s been months since I blogged! If you’re reading this, by golly you’re one heck of a fan!  =D

 Let’s see, nothing much happening to me this semester. Let’s do a little recap shall we? In no chronological order (drum roll)

 1. I am hooked onto Facebook

Yes. I have conformed to society. But heck it’s fun at Facebook! You get to draw graffiti on people’s ‘wall’ and ‘super poke’ someone without even poking them physically! I mean heck when can you actually throw a sheep at someone? Facebook is a revolution! So if you want me buy you a cheesecake from the bakery shop I usually hang out, do add me ok? Search “Lam Chee Kiang”. I’m in the NUS and Malaysia Network.

 2. I’m a Deeejay

That’s not new actually, but yeah I’m still talking to myself once every week. I’ll be ending my stint this semester as I’ll be doing more admin stuff for the station now, and hopefully still get to have adhoc appearances in some live shows next sem!

If you don’t know by now. NUS has a campus radio station and it’s called Radio Pulze (with the Z not an S)!

3. I am star strucked!

Ok this is related to radio as well. This semester has been amazing for me in the life of a media organization. I’ve met various local radio personalities like Justin Ang (Muttons at Midnights), Stanley Leong (The Living Room @ 938 Live), Deborah De Souza (Health Bites), and Andrew Crothers (The guy behind every radio ad in Mediacorp)

Other than that, I’ve also been running around the country (ok just the city) doing interviews with stars and celebrities stopping over in Singapore, either for a promo tour, or for a press conference! I’ve met people like Funeral for a Friend, Robyn (Show me Love?) and erm… yeah that’s it actually. Come to think of it there weren’t many people I interviewed Haha. Lazy to put up pictures la.

3. I am Starstrucked Part II

This is also radio related. Met some local music bands like Stentorian, EIC, The Great Spy Experiment etc. Love Singapore bands man! I can’t wait to meet Malaysian singers! I want to meet Jac Victor, Jason Lo, Point Blanc and erm… Datin Siti?

4. I am addicted to Central Library

Only during the exam period! Been hanging out at the Central Library during the day, and occasionally at night when the reading area is opened throughout the night! Unlike last year, I didn’t stay throughout the night. Would just completely screw up my sleeping pattern!

 5. Wei Ming has a Girlfriend!

This has nothing to do with me, but anyway! Wei Ming is my neighbour for two years in Sheares Hall. After a tragic ‘Valentines Day’ incident, he finally met someone “who plays squash as well” as indirectly quoted by him. The only problem is she is a bit health conscious, so I’m still his makan buddy, at odd places, at odd hours.

Ok, I have a paper tomorrow, maybe I’ll post more updates after this!


People Power

The malays and middle income groups want electoral reform, the indians what citizen equality.

Wonder what the chinese, ibans and kadazans want next? A state of its own? LOL

And He Suddenly Blogs

People tend to remember what you did wrong in the past, not focus on what is done present, and not think of what the future can behold.

I don’t get people.

People have always accused me of not keeping in touch with friends: that hall life, radio life and university life have taken my soul away. Many claimed that I gave up my life for something that might (read: might) not be useful for your career.

While I do not disagree with them that I have slot in a lot of activities in my free time, I do try to keep up with my friends and family.

Note: Don’t worry dear, it’s not about us =)

Claim  #1: Extra-curricular life has gotten into you that you completely forgot about your old friends.

Rebut #1: That is not completely true. I try to keep in touch with my old friends living outside my hall. Shinfei and I meet up for Breakfasts on Sundays once in awhile; Tiang Lim and I meet up for some yam-cha sessions; I take the bloodly long bus to NTU just to study with the people there; I meet up with Shanta for jogs; I meet up with Tuan for drinks….

After everything, they still complain that I’m not putting enough effort to keep in touch with them.

Claim #2: You get so involved in stuffs that you forget your old pals in hall

Rebut #2: The mentality is that hall is so active that it is not necessary to just arranged an outing to meetup. Ok I admit that I’ve not had a decent chat with Britts for awhile, but I meet up with Jon and Karthik quite often! LH and EH are my classmates for heaven’s sake!

Claim #3: You meet so many new friends that you forget the old ones

Rebut #3: So I’m suppose to stick to ONE circle of friends? I have my hall friends, I have my radio friends, I have my faculty friends, I have my secondary school friends… (who can forget my girlfriend too) Don’t tell me that I can LUMP everyone into one circle and start an ice-breaking session? I’m sure each of us will feel some awkwardness.

Which brings me to my next point. You think I’m some sort of social butterfly, and that I’m happy being busy. Honestly, I rather stick to myself and sleep all day. I rather tapau dinner and watch the tyra banks show than sit down and do small talk with some random hall person (which I have to remind them of my nationality every time I converse with them); I rather sit in the Central Library by myself than get some random classmate to accompany me. I rather sit in a cafe reading a magazine by myself than do gossip-folk talk about some random girl from another university who recently nailed some other girl’s boyfriend.

You get the picture.

I don’t know why I suddenly decided to bring this matter up. But if you think you have provoked me to do so, well done. Shall we meet up for lunch then?

The Phantom Blogger

So SOME people have been complaining about my absence in the blog scene. Well, what can I do when I DON’T EVEN HAVE TIME TO ON MY COMPUTER!?


These few weeks have been challenging on me. Not because of academics, but because of extracurricular activities back in Sunny Singapore!


Yes it’s called Rag and Flag, but I’m so lazy to talk about it I’ll credit The Girlfriend’s job in describing the entire thing to you!


I just want to add that I’m so glad and proud to be working with a bunch of people who came together for one purpose: to build a float that every Shearite can be proud of and to win back the Chancellor Shield! *sorry CL for the Hall Love*


Don’t go away! More updates coming up!  

It’s Called The Labret

my labret

I woke up one day after a drunken sleepy night to find my labret piercing missing.

A Labret is the piercing of the lower lip or the jewelry that goes there.

If you don’t know me by now, I have two body piercing. One is my ear and the other the labret. I got my ear pierced while I was in Form Three (Secondary 3) and my labret pierced during my one semester stint in IMU.

Back then, ear piercing on guys were only associated with seniors who are in a school gang, and Ah Beng/Lala/Jinjang Boy fashion. It wasn’t associated with current fashion, although Hollywood has been showing more and more male celebrities with an ear piercing. Even so, we already know a lot about ear piercing like what it means to have a piercing on the right etc. I got my ear pierced at the last day of my Secondary 3 General Exams (PMR). You can say it is a ‘reward’ of my hard work, and also because I was bored. Daryl and Justin followed suit, and Daryl move a step further by having another ear hole later in Secondary 4.

Gaya was the first close friend I had to venture into the ‘other-than-ear’ piercing. She had her naval pierced in Secondary 4. I was there with the gang watching her belly being pierced. It was quite scary, what’s with the look on her face (and that it was done in Summit USJ).

Nadine and Gaya then had their nose pierced, I don’t know when but sometime after Secondary 4. There was a period of time when I always transited between Singapore and Malaysia that I see them wearing nose rings so big that I want to just pull it out!

don’t you just wanna pull that ring out?

I seem to be talking more about my friends’ piercing. Anyway, I always wanted a piercing somewhere outside the ear. During the first few weeks as roommates Chun Leen and I made a pact that I would get my eyebrow pierced while he get a tattoo after the Year 1 Finals. However, you know how promises turn out. It wasn’t until I finished my A Levels that I came back to see Gaya with a tongue piercing that the desire to have a body piercing came back! I must say, Gaya Pressure was super ultra high at that time!

I did my piercing without my girlfriend’s knowledge too! That is a huge NO advice to you future i-want-to-get-my-body-pierced boyfriends out there!

After I got my labret piercing, there were a lot of FAQs I had to answer whenever I meet someone new. The normal questions like ‘is it painful?’, ‘what did your parents say?’ and the infamous question ‘will it leak when you drink water?’ are a few examples. In the beginning I was quite eager to answer them. But after awhile, I just gave them very cold answers like ‘erm yeah not really but then sometimes’. And to the leaking question, I would say something like ‘You wanna see?’ That would definitely turn them off, somehow.

The labret stud comes usually with a ball, and I hate those that have pointy ones. During the semester I would take the ball off as I had a lot of lab practical sessions where the professors would be able to see EVERYTHING about you. There was once where I was talking to a lecturer and he kept looking at my labret piercing, I guess the same way as how perverted guys would look at a woman’s breast during a conversation.

*snaps finger* watch your eyes boy-friend, my assets are not for show!

Some people think that piercing is to get the attention. While I do not totally disagree with that statement, I did not pierce my labret for the attention. I pierce it because it was on my ‘to-do list’ and partly because of peer pressure. Since I can’t do most of my to-do list (which include things like gangbang and owning a private island), I guess the labret was a must. Thankfully, my parents do not give a damn about which body part I pierce, as long as I do good and be good; my friends are almost liberal; and my girlfriend is just worried about her parents’ impression about me.

*goes back to look for an extra pair of labret piercing*

Another ass at a Makansutra

I’m still ranting on my frog porridge supper trip.

While Britney and I were blowing (the hot porridge), there was this family of four sitting next to us: a young couple, a grandmother-aged woman, and another younger-but-old-enough-to-be-a-mother woman. Anyhoo, while I was pretending to enjoying the porridge, I noticed that the husband was rather restless. The wife was trying to make conversation (albeit superficial ones) with the two older women.

After awhile, the husband stood up and walked to his car nearby. I thought he was going for a smoke or something, but instead he started the car engine! The wife then followed suit to the car. They entered the car, switched the air-con on and waited in the car for the two older women.


I was fucking pissed and disgruntled, but not so bitchy enough to show my feelings. The two older women haven’t even finish their lousy porridge and probably not-crispy-at-all chicken wings. But out of respect, you do not walk out on your older relatives on the same table! The Westerners can do it for all I care, but as Asians, we don’t!

‘Maybe he wants to warm up the engine’ said Britney.

FUCK LA, what engine do you need to heat up? They were at the eatery not longer than 30 minutes; a car engine does not freeze up in half an hour’s time!

More importantly, I just felt so sorry to the two older women, especially the grandmother for having such children. The least the young couple could do was stood outside the car and waited for them. Sitting in the car and enjoying the air-con is just disrespectful.

Ok, this is just from what I observed. There could be a different story behind it. Maybe the four are not related and are just neighbors wanting to have supper (which I doubt it), or maybe the four of them had a bad history, or maybe the husband just got fired. Or maybe it’s just me, as Britney didn’t seem disturbed by it.

Makansutra My Ass

Singapore food sucks big time.


Britney and I just came back from supper at Chinatown. We were at Orchard before that chilling with the crowd at Starbucks while the rest were busy doing their last minute shopping as the Great Singapore Sale comes to an end (it’s a Late Night Friday Shopping too) and that GST will increase to 7% effective 1st July.


So anyway, we wanted good and cheap food. Since Fong Seng does not fit both criteria, I suggested Bukit Timah, where there is a Prata shop that serves mamak food that taste ALMOST like Malaysian mamak food. However, the two of us had no idea where or how to get there from Orchard. So we decided to go to Chinatown instead.


Britney brought me to this place which serves porridge and frog porridge was their specialty. I was quite excited about it as I’ve never tried frog porridge, or frog meat for that matter. We ordered one bowl each, which cost us 16 freaking bucks in total.


*Wait a minute, RM32 for frog porridge. WTF*


Anyway, since the price was so expensive, we were expecting good food in big quantity. The porridge came in a big claypot alright. It smelt delicious and I was eager to try.


The porridge fucking sucked. Ok the first few blows (it was hot) and slurps weren’t that bad, I even complimented the dish. However, subsequent mouth got me bored. I added soya sauce and chili to make it a bit saltier and somewhat spicier.


All in all, I wasn’t satisfied with the 8 bucks I paid. Although I agree that the porridge were one of the better Singapore dishes I tried.


I feel that generally Singapore hawker food is ‘of below standard’ aka sucks. Malaysian hawker food is DEFINITELY much tastier (and unhealthy but health is not my topic of discussion right now). There are good food stalls around the island, but they do not satisfy my taste buds as much as the Bah Kut Teh restaurants in Klang or SS14 Subang Jaya do.


The worst part of all this is that island actually promotes the country as a ‘melting pot of dishes that will tantalize your taste buds’.


However, before any Singaporeans start blasting me by saying that I’m just generalizing over a few restaurants (believe me, I’ve been to a lot of hawker centers), I feel that Western/international cuisine here is much better and tastier. I would rather splash my money in a western restaurant as compared to in Malaysia. Maybe the restaurants here are expected to meet the taste buds of a large western community here, or that there are more choices of pork =p