The Media Is At Stake

When Raja Petra Kamarudin (or known as RPK) was arrested for his article on the Malaysia-Today website, I thought I checked out the website on what it was all about.

I got hooked onto the website since. If you value freedom of speech, and freedom of the media. Then support RPK by donating for his bail. The family is requesting $1 per person/blogger. I donated $10.

————- UPDATE ————

updates 16:16 – Account statement made by RPK’s wife on the donation as at 4pm today

From CIMB bank account : RM24,500.00
From Paypal account : $3,283.61 USD (net total, after deduction of fee charges by Paypal services)

Would you look at the sum! And it’s only today the fund was started! Looks like I’m not the only one who thinks this way =)


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