So the Exams are Here…

Eh exams started already… start posting!

 Yup, that’s the general statement I get from most of my friends. Gosh it’s been months since I blogged! If you’re reading this, by golly you’re one heck of a fan!  =D

 Let’s see, nothing much happening to me this semester. Let’s do a little recap shall we? In no chronological order (drum roll)

 1. I am hooked onto Facebook

Yes. I have conformed to society. But heck it’s fun at Facebook! You get to draw graffiti on people’s ‘wall’ and ‘super poke’ someone without even poking them physically! I mean heck when can you actually throw a sheep at someone? Facebook is a revolution! So if you want me buy you a cheesecake from the bakery shop I usually hang out, do add me ok? Search “Lam Chee Kiang”. I’m in the NUS and Malaysia Network.

 2. I’m a Deeejay

That’s not new actually, but yeah I’m still talking to myself once every week. I’ll be ending my stint this semester as I’ll be doing more admin stuff for the station now, and hopefully still get to have adhoc appearances in some live shows next sem!

If you don’t know by now. NUS has a campus radio station and it’s called Radio Pulze (with the Z not an S)!

3. I am star strucked!

Ok this is related to radio as well. This semester has been amazing for me in the life of a media organization. I’ve met various local radio personalities like Justin Ang (Muttons at Midnights), Stanley Leong (The Living Room @ 938 Live), Deborah De Souza (Health Bites), and Andrew Crothers (The guy behind every radio ad in Mediacorp)

Other than that, I’ve also been running around the country (ok just the city) doing interviews with stars and celebrities stopping over in Singapore, either for a promo tour, or for a press conference! I’ve met people like Funeral for a Friend, Robyn (Show me Love?) and erm… yeah that’s it actually. Come to think of it there weren’t many people I interviewed Haha. Lazy to put up pictures la.

3. I am Starstrucked Part II

This is also radio related. Met some local music bands like Stentorian, EIC, The Great Spy Experiment etc. Love Singapore bands man! I can’t wait to meet Malaysian singers! I want to meet Jac Victor, Jason Lo, Point Blanc and erm… Datin Siti?

4. I am addicted to Central Library

Only during the exam period! Been hanging out at the Central Library during the day, and occasionally at night when the reading area is opened throughout the night! Unlike last year, I didn’t stay throughout the night. Would just completely screw up my sleeping pattern!

 5. Wei Ming has a Girlfriend!

This has nothing to do with me, but anyway! Wei Ming is my neighbour for two years in Sheares Hall. After a tragic ‘Valentines Day’ incident, he finally met someone “who plays squash as well” as indirectly quoted by him. The only problem is she is a bit health conscious, so I’m still his makan buddy, at odd places, at odd hours.

Ok, I have a paper tomorrow, maybe I’ll post more updates after this!


2 responses to “So the Exams are Here…

  1. ooh im a *fan*! exam is the pemangkin for facebooking and checking email every hour!

  2. Your Kuku Neighbour

    Yup i’m one heck of a fan too considering that i still visit this place 5 months after your last post…

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