And He Suddenly Blogs

People tend to remember what you did wrong in the past, not focus on what is done present, and not think of what the future can behold.

I don’t get people.

People have always accused me of not keeping in touch with friends: that hall life, radio life and university life have taken my soul away. Many claimed that I gave up my life for something that might (read: might) not be useful for your career.

While I do not disagree with them that I have slot in a lot of activities in my free time, I do try to keep up with my friends and family.

Note: Don’t worry dear, it’s not about us =)

Claim  #1: Extra-curricular life has gotten into you that you completely forgot about your old friends.

Rebut #1: That is not completely true. I try to keep in touch with my old friends living outside my hall. Shinfei and I meet up for Breakfasts on Sundays once in awhile; Tiang Lim and I meet up for some yam-cha sessions; I take the bloodly long bus to NTU just to study with the people there; I meet up with Shanta for jogs; I meet up with Tuan for drinks….

After everything, they still complain that I’m not putting enough effort to keep in touch with them.

Claim #2: You get so involved in stuffs that you forget your old pals in hall

Rebut #2: The mentality is that hall is so active that it is not necessary to just arranged an outing to meetup. Ok I admit that I’ve not had a decent chat with Britts for awhile, but I meet up with Jon and Karthik quite often! LH and EH are my classmates for heaven’s sake!

Claim #3: You meet so many new friends that you forget the old ones

Rebut #3: So I’m suppose to stick to ONE circle of friends? I have my hall friends, I have my radio friends, I have my faculty friends, I have my secondary school friends… (who can forget my girlfriend too) Don’t tell me that I can LUMP everyone into one circle and start an ice-breaking session? I’m sure each of us will feel some awkwardness.

Which brings me to my next point. You think I’m some sort of social butterfly, and that I’m happy being busy. Honestly, I rather stick to myself and sleep all day. I rather tapau dinner and watch the tyra banks show than sit down and do small talk with some random hall person (which I have to remind them of my nationality every time I converse with them); I rather sit in the Central Library by myself than get some random classmate to accompany me. I rather sit in a cafe reading a magazine by myself than do gossip-folk talk about some random girl from another university who recently nailed some other girl’s boyfriend.

You get the picture.

I don’t know why I suddenly decided to bring this matter up. But if you think you have provoked me to do so, well done. Shall we meet up for lunch then?


4 responses to “And He Suddenly Blogs

  1. yoo hoo. just randomly wanted to see what you are up to these days. kept wanting to call you the past few days but your phone damn hard to get i dunno why.

    don’t so emo la. sometimes i wish to be left alone too. lol.

    yoo hoo.


  2. hey i know u get sooo excited about ur tyra banks show =p haha i dont think i’ve provoked u.. just poked u abt photocomm stuff =]

  3. awww one line of words all to myself in this long forgotten blog! *hugs*

    don’t lah get upset dear:)

    and how is the tyra banks show so nice??

  4. cis bedebah. i feel so terasa-ed. Anyway I know it’s not me since I’m generally against SFKCH and I do think you put in enough effort. hehehe i still love u wooots

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